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Initial Interview

We begin by scheduling an initial interview, which allows us to understand your (or your senior loved one’s) situation better. The more information we have pertaining to your health condition, your worries, needs, and expectations, the better in-home service we will be able to deliver.

We come to you, you do not have to go anywhere. Our meeting can be done at your home, hospital, rehab center, assisted living facility you are currently residing or at any place where you are staying. The initial interview will be short, concise and straight to the point. You can ask us as many questions that you can think of and we will be happy to answer any and all of them.

Finding the Candidates

This is the step you do not need to be involved in, it is strictly our job.

We have a candidate database. In order to match the caregiver candidates to your case, we will the information obtained during our initial interview. We will talk to 12-15 people who matched the criteria, qualify 6-7 of them and after further elimination, we will invite 3-4 caregiver candidates to interview them for the position.

Interviewing the Candidates

Once we have the prospects lined up, you will be notified and contacted directly that we are ready to set up a meeting and interview with the caregiver candidates.

You will have the chance to interview them and ask questions about their background, experience and previous assignments. This is the time to gauge the level of comfort on both parties, it is crucial that both parties must be comfortable with each other in order for the arrangement to be successful.

As soon as you have selected your caregiver, we can agree on a placement day and time. This should be done carefully in full coordination with the family members and/or your doctor, discharge planner, social worker or other medical professionals involved in your care.

To start the procedure of finding the best caregiver for you. Please fill the form below with your personal details. We look forward to meeting with you.

To know more about our Procedure please Set An Appointment with us.