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The cost of senior care can be enormous when one adds up all the expenses.

Nursing homes, assisted living and independent living facilities tend to be very expensive and cannot provide the level of personalization that you need and deserve.

It is a common misconception to compare the price of our service to that of an assisted living or independent living facility. Those are designed to provide a certain level of assistance, typically much less than what we do for our clients.

More than 90% of our clients would not be accepted into them simply because the level of care they require is much above what the facilities can offer.

A much fairer comparison is one between the cost of our service and that of a typical nursing home facility, which in Wisconsin ranges between $7,500 – $10,000 per person per month or $250 to $330 per day for a private pay person ( not a Medicare or Medicaid patient).

Against this backdrop, our rates are very favorable, with the average daily rate of $175 or approximately $5,250 per month.

The cost is important, but even more so is the level of personal attention that your our clients receive from their individual care givers. This simply cannot be matched by any facility, assisted living, nursing home or anything else. Last but not least, seniors are much more comfortable in their own surroundings, following their own schedule.

Here is what you will typically be quoted at the completion of our FREE initial evaluation.

There are 3 ingredients to your in-home care total cost:

  1. The daily rate of $160-190 in most cases on a 24-hr day. *
  2. The extra food for your live-in caregiver.
  3. The one-time, lifetime agency fee (finder’s fee) of $ 900.**


Remember: this fee is paid once only, no matter how many caregivers you hire and regardless of how many times the service is interrupted and started over.

* Daily rate valid for a single client/patient. In some extreme situations a higher rate is possible.
The actual rate is subject to evaluation and varies from person to person.

**Learn how you can reduce the finder’s fee. Call 888-697-4800 or e-mail hci87@yahoo.com.